Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You know it's going to be a long week when...

So it's Monday night. I have been to the gym twice in the past two weeks. Work is insanity and I am insanity without the gym. Monday night I work until 8:30 and rush home for the one thing that can brighten my week in a second: The New York Football Giants.

We go into the game against the Cleveland Browns with a 4-0 record. Respectable for the defending Super Bowl champs. With a win against the ailing Browns we grab a two game lead. Somehow, Eli decides to be the interception king, the Giants decide to take a nap both offensively and defensively and the Browns run the Giants up and down the field for a decisive victory.

How? The 1-3 Browns? Seriously? It is maddening to me. Did the Giants feel the need to remind everyone that they really still are the Giants that I have known my whole life? They don't have to remind me. It's been painful enough over the years to watch the drubbings and the squandered leads. The Super Bowl run last year was a lifelong fan's ultimate redemption.

Monday was very sad for me. I needed something to lift my spirits and instead my team let me down. The rest of the week has followed suit. I am exhausted and dejected.

All I know is we better beat SF on Sunday or else I may no longer be "ridin' the bandwagon." (Okay, okay... I know I threaten but I would NEVER abandon my team. They are my life.)

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Lost in the Supermarket said...

Hang in there. The G-Men still lead the division... My Jets are faring not so well.