Friday, October 17, 2008

Gyms are for Working Out, Not for Working It...

So a quick post before I head out on this starting to get chilly Friday night.

I have been working crazy hours these past few weeks and have not been making it to the gym. Therefore, I have been irritable, tired, out of shape, fat-feeling, etc. So when I finally get to the gym in time to train last night, I was excited. Until, much to my chagrin, I spotted a horde of stiletto-clad, plastic-surgeried, short-skirted and dressed to the nines Short Hills woman parading through the front door of my gym. I contemplated getting back in my car and just quitting while I was ahead. Apparently, the gym was hosting a cocktail party/fashion to benefit breast cancer awareness - a good cause, yes - but I am at the gym, not the club. I go to the gym to relax, to get out my aggression, to escape the world. The last thing I needed was loud obnoxious decked out women parading around when I'm breaking a sweat. It really threw me for a loop. The workout was unfulfilling and I just could not focus. I deal with those kinds of "trendy" events for work on a regular basis and my all-consuming work was exactly what I had gone to the gym to get away from.

Another thing I don't like is when people go to the gym with the goal of making a love connection or try to pick up people at the gym. My friends are the gym are always pointing out trainers or gym-goers who they think are cute (which is mind boggling in itself being that there are about eleven men total in this gym) and I just don't get it. When I go to the gym I am either just waking up after a long night out or I am coming directly from work. I'm tired, I'm wearing workout attire, I generally am not wearing makeup and throughout my workout I become sweatty and smelly - what part of that combination would anyone find attractive? The LAST thing I want to do is find a man at the gym.

Besides, I'd like to think that I am so focused on my workout that I'm not paying attention to anything going on around me. Which is exactly why the whole fashion show debacle threw me for a loop by messing with my concentration.

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