Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to me...


Ok, so I guess this officially makes me a blogger! I can honestly say that I never intended to start a blog. Blogs are cool... very new media-ish. I like reading them. I've thought about what I would say if I had one. But I really never intended to have one of my own.

Enter Tom Coyne. The incredible head of my company who gave us all an assignment in a staff meeting today - start a blog. I mean the man is a PR visionary... you can't really say "no" to a genius.

Regardless, here I am. Jumping on the blog bandwagon. Hence the name of my blog.

With this rambling post I can already tell how uninteresting this will wind up being for anyone who stumbles upon this blog. Hopefully I will, at some point, find something to bring to the table.

For now... welcome to my blog!

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