Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Gym.

Thinking that nobody will ever read these posts puts me in an interesting position because I feel that I can just ramble about all of the useless things I think about or react to in the world and discuss things that are important to me and nobody else.

I love my gym. In fact, my life is often planned around my gym schedule. My gym is called Can Do and it is a magical place. Now I am not the kind of person who can just walk into the gym, hop on the elliptical and do my thing for two hours. I need to be instructed, I need to be yelled at, and usually, I just plain need to have my butt kicked. So I take classes. Ah yes, the dreaded aerobics classes. But these are no aerobics classes - I dance twice a week, kickbox once, take step once (yes, it is outdated, but my friend and instructor, Amy, is fantastic and makes up intricate and challenging choreography), take "muscle definition" twice, take "on the ball" once and work once with my personal trainer (god of all personal training gods).

Now, don't get my wrong, the fantastic classes keep me coming but, what really does it is the fact that I have a large group of friends at the gym. In fact, these people have become some of my best friends who I talk to and hang out with outside the gym. You better believe that if I miss class one day that I will have at least one text or voicemail yelling at me and asking where I am.

The gym is like a second home for me. I feel very comfortable there. Yes, the workouts are grueling, but they are also enjoyable. Beyond that, I love being with my friends and acting like idiots. It is definitely the most motivating workout environment. And trust me, if you knew me or have ever seen my body, you'd know that when it comes to the gym, I need A LOT of motivation.

I've thought about what would happen if I ever decided to move away from where I currently live and I just don't know what I would do. It would really make me depressed. In a weird way, my gym is the number one thing keeping me rooted to my current geographic location. People say it is sick how dedicated I am to my gym - not venturing far from home Friday nights so that I am assured I will be at the gym at 9 a.m. on Saturday, not going out during the week because I have gym classes to attend and constantly hanging out with my gym friends - but for me, it is an active community of which I am part and it is primarily responsible for my physical and mental wellbeing. It really isn't something I can even put into words... you have to experience it to understand, and I hope to be able to enjoy this luxury for a long time to come.

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