Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back in Action... well, sort of

To clear up the mystery of whether my life actually ended with the quitting of my trainer, the answer is "no" - I am still here. I joined a new gym but have found it hard to get into the groove even though the place is like a palace. I still belong to my old gym and I basically have until the end of the year to make a more permament decision of which gym I will stick with. It is a very very tough decision for me and I have spent a lot of time agonizing over which I should choose, and each time I work out at either one, I find myself further from a decision.

Tonight I worked with a trainer named Ray who is claiming that he can change my life - that being workout routine, diet and weight. I am skeptical but I am intrigued and interested. I am willing to try it out for a bit - at least for as much as I can afford and see if I really take him for what he says. If he is right it could potentially be life changing for me. Twice daily whey protein shakes - here I come. I will try to keep everyone updated.

Life otherwise is crazy, as usual. Giants are 11-1. It is incredible and unbelievable. The commentators talk about the New York Football Giants are undeniably the best franchise in the National Football League and each time they say that I chuckle. It's amazing but so far from what I've always been used to. I'm used to flashes of brilliance that are always hidden by mistakes and losses of leads... but this domination is pretty convincing and contagious. I like it. But, being a true Giants fan (and a pessimist) I am predicting a bad loss (like along the lines of our one unmentionable and indescribably loss earlier in the season) early in the playoffs that would just be debilitating to my spirit. But for now, I am ridin' the bandwagon of happiness at the success we've achieved this season thus far.

I'm very tired, so that's all I have for now. Hopefully I will back with more material soon. xoxo.

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